A Talk on Limerick Lace

At the same time as our Limerick Lace workshop on Friday the 29 August at 2pm a talk was given on the history of Limerick Lace in Limerick Museum by Dr. Matthew Potter.

The eager crowd gathered early for the talk on Limerick Lace, we had planned for twenty in the talk. These numbers were to swell and a further ten chairs were needed.

Limerick Lace talk

Dr. Matthew Potter tells the history of Limerick Lace

Dr. Matthew Potter, wowed the interested audience with newly discovered facts about Limerick Lace production as well as dispelling myths along the way. The talk was held in the Limerick Museum with a small collection of our Limerick Lace as a back drop. The audience included the grandchildren of one of the lace factory owners, women who had made Limerick Lace in their youth and a number of those in attendance brought along Limerick Lace items which were held by their own families. These included pieces such as a veil that was handed down through generations of brides for over 150 years.

The search is still on for information on Limerick Lace, if you feel you have an insight no matter how small please contact archives@limerick.ie.

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