Hybrid: the identity of liminal lace From 24 October to 4 November 2016 in Limerick City Lace and textile are the product of multiple cultural, social and political influences. Limerick lace is the perfect example of this cross-pollination that with time has become part of the identity of Limerick city. The Hybrid … Continue reading

The Book

Dr. Matthew Potter’s book was launched on the 10th of December 2014 in the Jim Kemmy Municipal Museum (City Hall). It is available from the museum and in the O’Mahony bookshop in Limerick.It can also be ordered online. 5 September 2014 Dr. Matthew Potter from Limerick Museum and Archives is working on a … Continue reading

The Dress

This dress installation, titled ‘Enlaced’, was designed and created by Suzanna Melinn as part of her master’s work in Interactive Media at UL, supported by her supervisor, Dr.Gabriela Avram and by Dr.Nicholas Ward. Suzanna designed the front of the dress taking inspiration from Limerick lace patterns. It is made of … Continue reading


We have created a series of tutorials introducing the first steps in the making of Limerick lace. The tutorials are designed to help those who would like to get a taster before joining one of the lace making communities in Ireland. The tutorials were video recorded by Digital Media Design students Jason … Continue reading

The Book

"Amazing Lace" is the result of thorough research undertaken by the Limerick Museum & Archives focusing on the past and present of Limerick lace.

The Dress

Suzanna Melinn has designed and developed an interactive installation inspired by Limerick Lace

Lace Tutorials

A series of tutorials on the basics of Limerick lace was recorded with lace maker Eileen McCaffery.


As part of National Heritage Week 2015, Limerick Museum and Archives are asking the public to bring out their lace to a show and tell event on the 25th of August 2015