Wearing lace


Each of the five objects on the table has a story associated to it, that will be heard when you will lift the object to try it out, or just gently touch the table with one finger.

20141208_115003 The gloves (you can try them out if you wish!) are there to tell the story of the Limerick lace gloves worn by Queen Victoria. They were made by a lady who lived in the Bishop’s palace, and her niece Greta is the one telling you the story.

20141204_153442 The veil (made by Suzanna) links to the story of a wedding veil that travelled the world, told by Deirdre Power.

20141204_153804 The collar is here to bring you the story of Limerick-born lace maker and designer Eileen O’Donoghue. Pick it up and put it on while listening to the story! Time for a selfie?!

20141204_153600 The coaster was included here in order to demonstrate what modern technologies can do when combined the beautiful designs of Limerick lace. Suzanna herself is telling you how this coaster was made.

20141204_153717 The grey collar was made by Suzanna using a 3D printing pen for drawing the contours of a Limerick lace pattern. You can try this one too, while listening to Frances Nevin telling the story of Cecilia Keyes,famous Limerick lace designer based in Kinsale.

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