Limerick lace course at the Hunt Museum – the first steps

Now in its fourth week, the Limerick lace course taught by Toni O’Malley at the Hunt Museum is bringing the six participants on a beautiful journey.

  • The first week’s session was dedicated to the preparation of the tools and pattern tracing.
  • The second week saw the participants choosing a pattern and attaching it to the hoop, followed by learning the outline stitch.
  • During the third session, Toni taught us the heavy darn stitch.

See below a few images of our group at work:

IMG_20151008_123634 IMG_20151008_123745

IMG_20151008_123808 IMG_20151008_123815







Tools of the trade:

Old Limerick lace piece recently cleaned and restored by Toni:

Beautiful Limerick lace pieces

A few pieces from the personal collection of Toni O’Malley:

Contributions to the dress by contemporary lace makers

We issued a call for lace pieces in October, as we wanted to show that the Limerick lace tradition is still alive.
We reached out to the public, and we received five contributions:



20141204_153257 20141204_153320

Limerick Lace Open Call

 In order to better understand the attitudes related to Limerick lace, Suzanna Melinn set to find and interview people who have a connection with Limerick lace. She met with crafters around the city, but also issued this public call. Help her find more links!
Are you interested in Limerick Lace? Do you own an item of Limerick Lace that holds sentimental value?
My name is Suzanna and I am currently studying for a master’s at the University of Limerick.
I am working on a project in conjunction with a Limerick Lace exhibition which will be held this year.  I am collating stories of those involved in the crafting domain and the stories of nostalgia people have associated with crafted lace items.
Would you be interested in taking part in a  study for an installation  that aims to revive the tradition of Limerick Lace?
This study is open to anyone who has a story to tell and would like to share that with me.
If you are interested  in talking to me, please leave a comment and I will get in touch.